Building the Ultimate D2C Cookie Mix Brand of 2023

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June 13, 2023



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What is "Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)?"

The Cookie Chips® Baking Mix Company has gone Direct-to-Consumer. We’re pleased to report. But perhaps you’re wondering, “What is Direct-to-Consumer, and why can’t I find Cookie Chips® at my grocery store?” Glad you asked. Let’s dive in.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) businesses are all the rage these days. This business model is preferred because it empowers brands to sell their products directly to customers without relying on intermediaries. D2C brands establish a direct connection with consumers through various channels such as e-commerce websites, social media platforms, and even physical stores.

By building our company using the D2C model, we have gained an immense amount of freedom in creating our ultimate customer experience. It’s because we’re the ones who get to determine our pricing, branding, and customer experience. We bypass traditional distribution channels (think supermarkets and specialty food stores), which bog down our creativity and make everything for everyone more expensive. If you’re curious to know how we do it at Cookie Chips®, or you’re interested in starting your own D2C brand, let’s break down what I’m talking about:

Increased Control & Transparency (We’re not control freaks per se, but..)

When it comes to D2C brands, the power has been put back in your hands. You get to enjoy our cookie mixes without the hidden costs associated with the “traditional retail” channel. No slotting fees, set up fees, administrative fees, processing fees, promotional fees, etc (should I continue?). Instead, our cost to you is lean, which means we get to spend more money on sourcing our world-class ingredients, premium packaging, developing new flavors, and consistently improving our home-baking experience. Beyond that, the only cost to you is shipping (and we cover too when you spend $35 or more).

This increased control allows us to ensure that the quality and consistency of everything we do meets our high standards. And we get to work with suppliers who prioritize sustainable and ethical practices and align with our values, because transparency is the name of the game. We share everything with you, from where our suppliers harvest and process their ingredients to how we organize our manufacturing processes. It's about shopping with a clear conscience while feeling good about the premium cookie mixes we've created for you.
cookie mixes with natural ingredients

Our natural sugar cane being harvested at peak of ripeness. It's rich in flavor and free from any additives.


Shopping has never been more flexible than it is today. With the D2C model, we offer a shopping experience that's as breezy as a summer day. No more rushing through crowded stores or limited selection. You can take your sweet time to read our glowing reviews, learn about what goes into our cookie mixes, or see what we’re baking on Instagram. You have the freedom to tailor your purchases, email us for a custom order, and, if something didn’t quite work out, send it back with hassle-free returns.

And it’s good for us too! We have the freedom to try new things, experiment with products and flavors, and pivot when necessary. Did someone say crunchy ginger cookies? There’s no “waiting for approval” from the higher-ups, or worrying about how our decisions will affect third-party retailers. We get to do what you want, and we can make it happen very quickly. That’s the beauty of this business model.

A Better Customer Experience

When it comes to the customer experience, D2C brands are the rock stars of shopping. We roll out the red carpet for you and hope to make you feel like VIPs (because you are). We've streamlined our baking experience, simplified the recipe, and made it stupid simple to bake perfect cookies. Not everyone has the time or expertise to be a master baker, so we've taken the guesswork out of the equation and made these cookie recipe incredibly easy.

No confusing measurements or complex instructions. We've done all the hard work behind the scenes, so you don't have to. Our simple recipe calls for one bag of cookie mix, a stick of butter, and a large egg. Our finely crafted experience ensures consistent and delicious results every time, all you have to do is pop the dough in the oven.

We're also tailoring recommendations and ensuring only relevant communications reach you. And, when you have a question or need some assistance, we’re a direct message or email away. There will never be a long hold or frustratingly difficult customer service rep. You need to feel heard and be taken care of immediately. We want you hassle-free and baking right away!

instagram influencer baking cookies

Credit to @leahferezan for the awesome snap.


Cookie Chips® is all about innovating the baking category from scratch. We’re totally committed to bringing a new level of expertise to home-baking, and we’re doing it with pastry chef crafted cookie mixes.

With Joanne, our Founder & Executive Pastry Chef’s immense expertise and culinary creativity, expect exceptional baking experiences and an end product that rivals the best cookies you’ve ever had. The attention to detail and culinary finesse that Joanne infuses into our cookie mixes is nothing short of extraordinary.

We take pride in sourcing extraordinary ingredients from around the globe, and our dedication to finding the finest ingredients ensures that you get to indulge in the ultimate baking experience. We’re elevating the taste, texture, and flavor of “homemade cookies” with a truly unique and memorable experience.

The combination of premiere pastry chef expertise and exceptional ingredients sets Cookie Chips® apart from the bland baking mix world. This is a superior baking experience that’s evident in every bite. Cookie Chips® is changing the way we approach home baking by bringing culinary excellence into your kitchen. And, we would never be able to do this if we weren’t D2C. That’s a big deal to us. So if you're craving fresh, home-made cookies that are a cut above the rest, I recommend going in for the Cookie Chips® Baker's Bundle. It's got all the mouth watering flavors and comes with free shipping too. Let’s get baking!

Experience Pastry Chef Crafted


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Experience Pastry Chef Crafted.

Scratch baked results from an expertly crafted recipe. Indulge in extraordinary cookie mixes by a premier pastry chef.
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