Bakery quality cookies, made right at home.

Crispy, crunchy, and delivered to your door. Premium cookie mixes by an award-winning pastry chef.

Baking 'em is easy.

Scratch baked results from a simple recipe. Get your bundle box today and crunch 'em in four flavors. 🍪🍪🍪

chocolate chip cookie mixes
best chocolate chip cookies

Baking 'em is easy.

Scratch baked results from a simple recipe. Get your bundle box today and crunch 'em in four flavors. 🍪🍪🍪

Meet the Flavors.


Home baking meets professional results. 🍪👩‍🍳

From The Pastry Kitchen.

Fun and easy Cookie Chips® dessert recipes from a pastry chef who has crafted gourmet treats for the biggest names in fine dining.

easy chocolate chip cookies

Pastry Chef Crafted.

"I have been baking professionally for 25 years, crafting all types of desserts for hotels, restaurants, and gourmet groceries across the world. I created Cookie Chips® cookie mixes to be fun and absolutely delicious, using a handful of simple ingredients that you’ll find in your home pantry. Enjoy this artisan experience and have fun baking!“


Founder & Executive Pastry Chef

What we get asked.

How much cookie mix do I need for a batch?

Make sure you use the whole bag with 1 large egg & 1 stick of butter. (Or your favorite vegan butter.)

How many types of cookies can I make? 

We're growing the amount of cookie flavors that Cookie Chips® come in. See the blog for different ways to bake, and join the newsletter to know when we roll out new types of cookies. New flavors, same easy cookie recipes.

How long do I mix the dough for?

Follow the bag instructions closely! If you're using an electric mixer, note that the mixing time is very short. Do not overmix the dough. That means no walking away from your mixer to snap selfies.

How to make these cookies?

While the amount of Cookie Chips® flavors continues to grow, we keep our simple recipe the same. Learn how to make chocolate chip cookies and you'll know how to make all of our cookies.

How to make edible cookie dough?

While we do like our cookies baked, Cookie Chips® cookie mixes are delicious as edible cookie dough, making a great topping for, let's say, a cookie dough ice cream recipe.

Are your cookie mixes dairy free?

Definitely! There are no dairy or dairy derivative ingredients in our baking mixes! Cookie Chips® baking mixes can be baked dairy or dairy free.

I have allergies, are Cookie Chips® for me?

Our baking mixes are made in a facility that produces products that contain milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat. That said, we do follow industry standard, good manufacturing practices to ensure a safe and hygienic workspace. We always wash, rinse, and sanitize our equipment between flavors.

How does shipping work?

All of our bundles include free shipping! If you want to order a little less, we'll subsidize your shipping so you can get baking right away! Cookie Chips® ship to all 50 US States, and packages arrive within 2-5 days.