Sea Salted

Peanut Butter

Crunchy Cookie Mix

Sea Salted Peanut Butter Cookie Mix

Sea Salted 

Peanut Butter

Crunchy Cookie Mix


Fun to Crunch | Easy to Bake | Simple Ingredients | Pastry Chef Crafted

The best peanut butter cookies around.

        These cookies are best saved for last. Matter of fact, don’t share them. They’re too good. These decadent and delicious sea salted peanut butter cookies are for when you’re feeling fancy. Expertly crafted by a professional pastry chef, this recipe blurs the line between easy cookie recipes and true artisan baking. With just the perfect amount of sea salt, these peanut butter cookies are so damn delicious! 🚀 If you’re feeling extra fancy (and we know you are) change it up! Bake soft peanut butter cookies, make 'em chewy, throw in chocolate chips, or decorate your crunchy cookies with M&M’s. We gave you a few ideas on the bag, now show us what you come up with. 

For our dairy free bakers, here's our favorite vegan butter alternative. It works just as well as real butter. Simply the best peanut butter cookies around. We're excited you're here. 😎

All Natural Ingredients

Unbleached Flour

Roasted Peanut Flour

Cane Brown Sugar

Cane Sugar

Pure Vanilla

Baking Soda


Always Easy Recipes

1. PREHEAT oven to 325° F.

2. MIX butter, peanut butter, and Cookie Chips® Baking Mix together in a large bowl with a mixing spoon.

3. ADD the egg and continue mixing until a soft dough forms.

4. TAKE a ball of dough with lightly moistened hands. Pinch and place

 dime-sized pieces onto your sheet pan, spacing each piece apart by about 1⁄2”.

5. BAKE for 11-13 minutes. The cookies are ready when their color is a deep golden brown. Let cool.

Store cookies in an airtight container to keep crisp.

Add In Ideas

• Add ½ cup of chopped peanuts to the cookie dough.

• Add ½ cup of mini chocolate chips to the cookie dough.

• Sprinkle course sugar over the top of each cookie before baking.

• Top each cookie with 1-2 M&M's before baking.

Throw in some more bags